We saw the sun

We actually had some hot weather here this week.  It has been at least five weeks since we have seen the sun, and even then it was just a glimpse.    Monday I sent R. off to school in a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie (and pants of course), it was 53 degrees, windy, foggy and wet.  When she came home four hours later it was sunny, close to 80 degrees.  Her teacher emailed all us parents suggesting we put sun block on our children.   Only in San Francisco do parents need to be reminded about sun block.  This week was the first time I’ve needed to apply any since last summer.  The fog came back last night, but at least we are prepared for any future sun appearances.

R. has one pair of shorts, she hasn’t worn any since the last time she wore sun block.  When I put them on her she looked at me like I forgot something.  She kept trying to pull the legs of the shorts down so they would cover all of her legs.   She did get used to them after a while.

I’ll admit that I am fascinated by weather, and like BigDaddy Autism’s son I even like to watch the weather channel.    I wonder if these things run in families.  My Mother has the weather channel on all the time, and my Sister will call with local weather reports (she gets exciting weather).   I’m probably one of few people who don’t consider chatting about the weather to be small talk, and I find how people react to weather to be fascinating.