What do four year olds watch?

R. has been exclusively interested in Sesame Street for so long, I kind of gave up on offering alternatives.  But lately she really gets tired of watching the same ones.  I get them from the library and Netflix, and copy the ones she likes on to the AppleTV.   She’s kind of bored of Elmo’s World, she doesn’t like the DVDs that are just a collection of Elmo’s World.   I’m starting to run out of new options for her to watch.

Now that we have the ipad and can stream Netflix, I’ve been offering some other choices.   Sometimes I think she is so used to watching Sesame Street on the television, that seeing anything else just seems wrong to her.   She is more willing to at least try some new shows on the ipad.

I tried Dora, she watched one episode and then wasn’t very interested.  I don’t understand the appeal.  Compared to Sesame Street it seems slow and boring.  And the parts that are trying to be educational seem kind of contrived and weird.  I also wonder about the Spanish words- is that confusing to a child who has language delays?

I tried the Backyardigans, Blues Clues,  a few animated movies and a dog and cat movie.  She did not like any of them.  There is one show that we discovered she will watch – The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss.  It is by the Jim Henson Company, so I suppose I should not be surprised.  But each episode is a real story, and fairly involved.  There’s no counting or letters, there is a little singing.   R. is choosing it herself.  She figured out how to find the Netflix icon, and will choose the show from a list of options.

I don’t mind letting her watch the show, it is cute and not too long.  I would like to encourage her to watch some of the shows and movies that other kids like, just to get her familiar with different characters and stories.   The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss seems kind of obscure.

I would appreciate any TV show or movie suggestions your kids like or even that you wish your kids liked.