Giving thanks

I was going to write about all the things that R. has learned this year.  And about how thankful I am that she has progressed.

But then I felt kind of weird about that, guilty even.  My feelings for her aren’t based on what she learns or does, I would not want her to think that at all.

We were at a birthday party recently and there were two small babies there.  On the way home I asked E. if he could remember what it was like when R. was so small.   He said he did, but that he thought she was so much more fun now.

This year I am thankful that R. really seems to be enjoying her life.  Even the simple things like a trip to the playground or a donut makes her just gleeful.

Her joyfulness is contagious.  She can put a whole new life and meaning into the word Yay.

Happy Thanksgiving