Maybe she has x-ray vision

We went to a pediatric opthamologist a few weeks ago.   R. has one eye that wanders sometimes, especially when she is tired.   It took a few months to get the appointment.  I was seeing the eye wandering less by the time we finally went.

It was not a fun experience, but it wasn’t as torturous as I imagined.  We were there for close to two hours, and probably spent twenty minutes with the doctor, and they weren’t continuous.    All my special needs Mom friends locally had gone to this doctor.  But I was a little worried when the doctor started by asking R. all these questions, showing her pictures and waiting for a response.   Once I set her straight and R. demonstrated her sonic screaming ability,  the doctor agreed to do the exam with R. in her stroller, and that made things much easier.   The doctor said she could spend some time playing with R. and try to see what she needed to that way or we could hold her down and it would be over in a minute.  We opted to hold her down.

Both E and I wear glasses.  I started wearing them when I was six.  I expected to leave that appointment with a prescription for glasses for R.  I even asked the behaviorist if she could write us a behavior plan for wearing glasses.  R. won’t even wear a hat for more than a minute or two.  The doctor called R’s condition intermittent,  and just recommended a follow up appointment in six months.   So I asked her, at what age will you be able to determine she needs to wear glasses?   The doctor said she could already see that at this point R. does not need glasses.   I should do some googling, because I want to know how she can tell that by only looking at R.’s eye?   Considering her genetics, I’m sure glasses will be in R.’s future.  I’ll admit I’m relieved to not have to deal with it now.

I’ve always thought that R. has good vision.  She notices things that I don’t.   Like she will see that E. has his car keys in his hands and think it is time to go out.   Lately it is getting really hard to hide things from her.   I’m really careful not to let R. see me hide things.  No matter where I hide them, she knows they are there.  She will hand lead me to the spot and push my hand towards the cabinet or door.

I have some toys and things in a dresser so she doesn’t make a huge mess. She knows which drawer has the cds, the alphabet puzzle, the markers or whatever she wants.  And when I rearrange things, she picks it right up.   I don’t make an effort to hide what it in those drawers, it is more a matter of restricting access.  But lately she is becoming very demanding about candy (which she would not eat as recently as Halloween) and donuts (E. bought a dozen at Crispy Creme a few weeks ago, and she has been chasing the ghost ever since).   If I show her that there are none, she will be content with that.

E. bought R. a horn at the dollar store, I think it is a vuvusela.  It is loud and annoying and R. loves it. She will insist that E. blow the horn against her body over and over.    One night while she was eating dinner he hid it in the coat closet.  Not my first choice of hiding places,  I left our coats unhung most of the week so she would not see the dreaded horn.   Yes I should have moved it, but I only managed to think about it when she was around and watching.    It took a few days, but she did finally hand lead me to the coat closet and she did not seem surprised at all that it was there.

I think I may have to start digging holes in the back yard.  It works for dogs.