We survived the pumpkin patch

This horse was her favorite thing

Well we did it, we survived the class field trip to the pumpkin patch.  It went way better than I imagined it would.   She walked three blocks to the street car stop, happily holding one of our hands.  She started to cry when we stopped to wait for the street car.  It was a bit chaotic, there were about 12 other special day class kids and their teachers, aids and parents, and they were older and larger.  She wanted me to pick her up, which I managed to avoid with a  hug and the new secret weapon.

Elmo has some competition now

The street car was very crowded, and R. started to cry once we were on board.  We were surrounded by a lot of people who mostly managed to disappear once they got a good look at all of us.  Seats magically appeared and I plopped R. into one.  She sat the whole time.  It sounds so silly to be so happy about this considering she takes a bus to and from school every day.  But on the school bus she has a seat belt.

Then we walked four blocks to the pumpkin patch.  That is definitely her world record for walking and hand holding.   She was really happy, walking with a little spring in her step and making her giraffe dance.   She started to cry and wanted me to pick her up a couple times when we first arrived at the pumpkin patch.  But I managed to get out of it with more hugs and rocking her.  It was very crowded, there were many school groups.  We stood in line for the hay ride, but the teacher wisely decided it wasn’t going to be possible to wait.  So we had 45 minutes to wander around a pumpkin patch.

R. was not impressed with the pumpkins.  Her teacher tried to get her to pick a pumpkin, but she put back every one she was handed.  I wonder if she thought it was just a whole bunch of vegetables.  Her teacher also told us that she and another boy in class  do not get along.  They bother each other on purpose.  They are both sensitive to being touched and of course they touch each other.  She said that she has to keep them apart during circle time.  This little boy was lining pumpkins up at the entrance of a hay bale tunnel and R. came along and put every one back.

I think her favorite part was a wooden horse in a tree.  I’m not sure what the point is of having a horse in a tree.  I looked around for a headless rider, but did not find one.   I found a quiet spot and sat with her and gave her a snack and then it was time to go.  The teacher has us go back on a bus which was a shorter walk.  It was standing room only so I found a place to stand.  R. sat down on a man’s lap!   He was a young tough looking guy, but he smiled and gave up his seat.  She sat like a bus riding veteran and walked back to the school like it was the easiest thing in the world.

Passing on Halloween

We decided that we are going to skip trick or treating this year.   I keep thinking that I should feel bad about it, but I don’t at all.  I guess this is a good time to admit that while I did dress her in a costume last year, I used the same costume the year before that.

Halloween 09

I have to wear this again!

We tried a few houses last year and I ended up carrying her most of the time.   She doesn’t like candy (I can’t believe it!) so the idea of trick or treating seems pointless.  I may find a costume for picture taking, but most of the costumes in her size seem like they should be worn by teenagers.  Maybe I’m just getting old.

In school they are doing all kinds of Halloween themed activities.  Next week the class is going on a field trip to the pumpkin patch.   We’ll be chaperoning of course.  They take public transportation, which should be interesting to say the least.  Lately R. hates any outdoor venue that is not a playground.

We drove by a pumpkin patch over the weekend and she screamed at the sight of it.   I warned the teacher, and she was not concerned.  She said She won’t be the only one having a fit.  An elementary special day class is going also, they do this every year.