She doesn’t like the farmers market anymore

We’re lucky that R. likes to go out places. As long as she is in her stroller or in a shopping cart and we don’t dawdle too long she is usually content. We used to go to the farmer’s market often last summer and fall, we got out of the habit this winter. We went again a few weeks ago and as soon as we pulled into the parking lot R. started to cry. It was really just yelling, she had no tears. She even said “I want to go!” I really needed some vegetables for the week so we forged on. She used to like to go to the farmer’s market. There’s tasty samples and several bakeries. I bought her a soft pretzel that she usually loves. She ate it but continued to scream. I quickly bought my vegetables and we left. We tried again a couple weeks later and she was still unhappy.

This weekend I suggested we try a different farmer’s market. As soon as we pulled up and she saw the white tents (same as the other farmer’s market) she started to cry. I can live without going to the farmer’s market. I just would like to understand what it is that she doesn’t like. It it not overly crowded or loud. She is so happy in the grocery store that I don’t think it is the sight of vegetables.