Elmo’s not looking so good

At least he has his nose

It started with a small hole in his chest that R. couldn’t resist yanking stuffing through. And then she destroyed the arm.But she doesn’t seem to mind that it is missing. She can still make him clap.

I warned her that his eyes would come off permanently if she kept chewing and pulling. But I don’t think she understood, or maybe she didn’t care. She came to me when the eyes finally lost hold and said eyes over and over again for the next few hours. But she didn’t cry or even whine. And now they are forgotten.

I’ve had a back up Elmo on hand for years now. So when she went to school the next day I hid away eyeless Elmo and took out the new one. She greeted him happily at first. But after a few minutes it dawned on her and she screamed and screamed for Elmo.

I realized at that moment I had to make a choice. I could stand my ground and eventually she would stop crying and either become attached to the new Elmo or not. But I just couldn’t do it. There are so many instances where it is a matter of safety or something and I have to stand my ground. It seemed unfair to deprive her of a beloved comfort item because I think it looks bad. So I gave it back.


Making the holidays our own

R. has been really into Christmas, she has watched Elmo’s Christmas Countdown every day since August.  But I don’t think she understands what Christmas is, beyond being able to recognize the common symbols.

My ancestors were Jewish, and my parents were very casual about the whole thing.   The used to give me the choice of opening all my presents on Christmas, or opening one a day until Christmas (Hanukkah style, minus the candles).  I always chose one at a time.

E’s family opened gifts on Christmas Eve.  I went along with that until last year, when it did not seem like a good idea to get R. worked up over new toys just before bedtime, so we tried doing it on Christmas morning.

This year, E agreed to do it Hanukkah style, and I think it worked out a lot better.  She actually paid attention to all her toys.  And since she ended up with more gifts than I thought, (Thanks Mom and Dad!) she still has more to see this week.

Drawing on her new whiteboard

I’ve never lived with a Christmas tree.   E. has wanted one for the past few years, but I was afraid of what R. would do.   This year I consented, if we found a small tree and used non breakable ornaments.   We never did find one we liked.

We went to a Christmas lunch at E.’s family and they had a large Christmas tree.  R. was just mesmerized.   She kept saying look at this, Christmas.   Luckily none of the ornaments were breakable.  They did not mind when R. took off the ornaments to look at, and I was shocked when she put each one back.  She just placed them on a branch, but still.

I guess we will be setting up a tree next year.

R. was actually pretty good for the family lunch.   She lasted two hours and even sat at the table for a while.

Lalaloopsy meets the ipad

Elmo has a new home

R.’s birthday is on Monday, and my Mom has been wanting to get R. a dollhouse for a while now.    We put it together and gave it to her yesterday so she would be able to play with it this weekend.

She noticed it the second she came in the house.  She was all smiles and saying oh yay while she investigated the entire house.  The house came with a Mom, Dad and twin baby dolls.  She loves the Dad doll, she brought him to dinner (a space usually reserved for only Elmo and Ernie)

The dollhouse is the Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse.  My Mom and I spent a few months researching the dollhouses and this seemed like the best one.  I do kind of wish it wasn’t pink, but I think R. likes that it is. She likes pink.  The house was easy to put together, and it is very sturdy.  She has been trying to sit on the side rooms.  I guess they do kind of look like a seat.

The house has no electronics, which is fine with me.  All the furniture seems to light up or make sounds.  I do think it would have been nice to have a working doorbell, even an old school no battery one.

Another Christmas gone by

We made it through Christmas 2010.    R. doesn’t really understand the concept of wrapped presents.   I ended up opening most of them, she kept going back to the toys she already opened.  But she definitely enjoyed getting a stash of new toys, she was giggling and saying yay a lot.   She also collected everything on the dining room table, like she needed to take inventory and guard it from being taken.

She really loves these Caring Corners furniture sets.   I see a doll house in our future.   I’m really impressed with these sets, one came with a doll (Mom I guess), a bed with an attached blanket, a nightstand with a working lamp (she loves this) a cat, a stool and a book.  The doll can hold the book if it is sitting, and once I did this, R must have asked me to do it 100 more times over the last day.  The other set has a doll (the daughter), present, pinata and a table with a birthday cake on one side and you can flip it over and there’s pizza on the other side.  Each side has two little triangular pieces of cake or pizza that can snap onto the plates on the table or into the pizza or cake itself.  R. was kind of frustrated at first that these pieces did not come off completely.  But now she is used to it and seems to like to fit the slices in like a puzzle.

Ernie tries the new cake table

She also likes the Fisher Price Flip Flop Egg Drop toy.  I have to thank Shannon De Rosa for the suggestion.    R. hasn’t figured it all out yet, but she is captivated.  It is a little tricky.  You have to line the egg up with the hole for each egg, and there are three levels one has a wheel, one a push and pull lever and one turns.  You can flip it over and do it again.   At the top there is a chicken (or a duck?) that comes out when you turn a wheel.  I think this will be around our house for years.  It is good for fine motor skills, problem solving and it is kind of stimmy watching and listening to those eggs.

This wasn’t exactly a Christmas present, but I bought a small plastic cabinet with three drawers.   R. has been really into opening drawers lately, and she has a growing assortment of play food and dishes.  So I filled the drawers with the food related items and she just loves it.