February already?

It seemed like holidays, a stomach bug and a cold just wiped out January.  So here we are in February.

R.’s hitting has disappeared.  She is actually voicing her displeasure.  Her most common response is to say thank you and push away with one hand.  I’m sure she means no thank you, because occasionally I’ll hear a no.  She is also saying wait, stop, all done and now.  There is often still crying and screaming involved, but the words are her first response.

She also got an opportunity to spend time in the kindergarten class she has been escaping the cafeteria to get into.  Her PreK teacher made arrangements with the kindergarten teacher (all special ed) to have her students go into the kindergarten classroom for 40 minutes once a month so she can meet with the aides.  I guess this is common in the elementary grades.

R. just loved the classroom and had a good time.  Since her visit, she has not been trying to escape the cafeteria to run there.   They are going to do this once a month.  And if R. is placed in that kindergarten she will have the opportunity to go into the class regularly.

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  1. sounds like cause for celebration. . .

  2. This is great news!

  3. Glad to hear of some progress! They seem to go so slowly but the next thing we know, we turn around, look back and it can still amaze us how far they’ve come. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. I am so happy to have found your blog. I live in SF and have a four year old son in an autism-focus pre-K who will be starting K (inclusion) in the fall. Thanks for posting…it is nice to know that someone is going thru a similar experience.

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