Back to the New Year

Christmas vacation felt long, but not as bad as anticipated.   R. seemed ready for a break.  She enjoyed lounging in the morning and asking for ice cream after breakfast.  Of course I give it to her.

I think we went to the zoo six times over the break.  She has a really short attention span for the playground lately.  She runs around, plays on the equipment that she is interested in and then is ready to leave.   We have been to several different playgrounds so it is not that she is tired of the same one.

We were at a playground and a little boy hit his sister and his mother was just screaming at him.  Of course we were walking by them the moment the mother yelled We have to leave this playground right now.   R. grabbed my hand and headed for the exit.

Inspired by Jim at Blogging Lily I blew up the air mattress and she just loved it.  Every afternoon she wanted to play on it, and she would prefer to have all of her clothes removed.

She is very into playing a hello-good-bye game.   I think I have said Hello and OK bye 12,000 times over the past two weeks.  I’ll gladly say it a million more.

I was worried about getting her up this morning for school, she has been so lazy in the mornings.  But as soon as I told her that she had to get up and get ready for the bus to go to school she sat up and said take the bus.   She even ate breakfast with no encouragement.

I’m kind of avoiding the idea of New Years, because every time I see 2012 I think the year she goes to kindergarten. I’m pretty confident that more is going to happen this year than that, but it is hard to get past it.

I do hope everyone has a marvelous year!

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  1. Happy New Year! Funny about how quickly they get back into the routine of school, isn’t it? I had the same worry about getting back to it so early in the morning but we transitioned back (knock on wood!) just fine. 🙂

  2. Interesting idea with the air mattress- I think my son would love that!

    I’m glad your daughter was happy to go back to school- that always makes it a lot easier!

  3. My last one goes to kindergarten this year too!

  4. Had to laugh at your comment about jumping on the air mattress and preferring to have her clothes removed. My Lily has “re-discovered” the backyard trampoline but after a few minutes of jumping, without fail, the clothes start coming off. What is it about jumping in the nude?? 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  5. How did this escape my attention???

    Lily is STILL playing on her air mattress months after we originally blew it up. In fact, given the price of the things (cheap) I’m considering just buying one for guests and making this one “hers”. There are. . . cheez-it stains and various other things. Glad she enjoyed it!!

    Also, I’m not sure how your blog escaped my attention, since I follow you on twitter, but it did. But Autisms and Oughtisms tagged you for the Liebster and so here I am!

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