Making the holidays our own

R. has been really into Christmas, she has watched Elmo’s Christmas Countdown every day since August.  But I don’t think she understands what Christmas is, beyond being able to recognize the common symbols.

My ancestors were Jewish, and my parents were very casual about the whole thing.   The used to give me the choice of opening all my presents on Christmas, or opening one a day until Christmas (Hanukkah style, minus the candles).  I always chose one at a time.

E’s family opened gifts on Christmas Eve.  I went along with that until last year, when it did not seem like a good idea to get R. worked up over new toys just before bedtime, so we tried doing it on Christmas morning.

This year, E agreed to do it Hanukkah style, and I think it worked out a lot better.  She actually paid attention to all her toys.  And since she ended up with more gifts than I thought, (Thanks Mom and Dad!) she still has more to see this week.

Drawing on her new whiteboard

I’ve never lived with a Christmas tree.   E. has wanted one for the past few years, but I was afraid of what R. would do.   This year I consented, if we found a small tree and used non breakable ornaments.   We never did find one we liked.

We went to a Christmas lunch at E.’s family and they had a large Christmas tree.  R. was just mesmerized.   She kept saying look at this, Christmas.   Luckily none of the ornaments were breakable.  They did not mind when R. took off the ornaments to look at, and I was shocked when she put each one back.  She just placed them on a branch, but still.

I guess we will be setting up a tree next year.

R. was actually pretty good for the family lunch.   She lasted two hours and even sat at the table for a while.

Lalaloopsy meets the ipad

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I hope your Christmas was merry and that 2012 is awesome for you and your family.

  2. Sounds like you had a successful Christmas! And I love the cute whiteboard picture! 🙂

  3. Small steps, but great progress!

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