She has plans for me

The more R. communicates, the bossier she gets.

Lately it is more than just having her demands met, she has ideas about what I should be doing and even wearing.  It started with her pulling my sleeves down any time I push them up.  If I put on a short sleeve shirt she will go to my closet and pull out a jacket and insist I wear it.

Now she wants me to get in my pajamas when she gets in hers.  She knows where I keep them and she is even helping me get dressed.   The cutest part is how happy she is after she “dresses me.”

Over the weekend she asked me to turn on the television.  Then she grabbed the book I was reading the day before, led me to the couch, had me sit down and handed me the book.  She tapped on the book and said read book, waiting for me to open it up.  Then she cuddled next to me to watch her movie.

R is also really interested in what I am doing lately.   All the same things I’ve been doing all along -housework, even combing my hair are suddenly incredibly fascinating to her.

My hair has been particularly frizzy the past two days because of the rain and I haven’t bothered to use any hair product.  R. keeps patting my hair down using both her hands and giving me a funny look.


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  1. She’s becoming so much more aware of things, it’s wonderful!

  2. I think it is sweet that she is taking care of you. She is showing empathy.

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