Please turn down the volume

Chipotle is my favorite fast food.  I guess it is not really fast food, but it is quick and I don’t have to cook.

R. only likes the chips.  But she really likes them and would be happy to sit for a long time if the music were not so loud.  I also have this fantasy of her eating beans or rice or even cheese.

I wrote an email to Chipotle and told them how much I liked their food, but that the music is too loud for my daughter with autism.  I suggested that they have a sensory friendly night once a month like AMC and turn down the music.

I received this reply:

Thanks for taking the time to write to us. I am sorry that the music is too loud for you and your daughter at our restaurants. Our music is supposed to be part of our dining atmosphere and should never be overpowering to the point where someone, like your daughter, cannot eat in our restaurant. The music levels should be adjusted based on the time of day and the amount of people in the restaurant and should merely be a fixture in the background for your enjoyment, and I apologize that it is too loud. I will pass your suggestion along to our team to see if they can accommodate your request for a “sensory friendly” time in which your daughter could eat at our restaurant without worrying about the music being too loud.



Austin Roberts | Customer Service
Chipotle Mexican Grill

If you want to write to Mr. Roberts directly, his email address is

Next up – I’m going to write to Trader Joe’s.  R. starts to block her ears in the parking lot the music is so loud at one of them.

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