The zoo gets better all the time

First trip to the zoo

We’ve been taking R. to the zoo since she was a baby.  Last year we decided to get a membership because she finally seemed to notice the animals.

We try to switch up our route, so she does not get too fixated on any one thing.  For the longest time she only wanted to get out of the stroller at the bear exhibit.

Gradually over  the past few months she is getting out of the stroller at different places.  Which is great, but she always has to carry Elmo, Ernie and her water cup.  It could be worse, but it is still cumbersome.

We  were never able to take her into the petting zoo area because she did not want to get out of the stroller, and if she did she had too much stuff.   So I really talked it up one day, and told her only Elmo could go see the goats, Ernie and the cup had to wait in the stroller.  It actually worked, and she loved seeing the animals up close.  Now it is a regular part of our visit.

She likes to ride on the carousel. She sits on my lap on the bench so maybe that doesn’t really count, but she seems to enjoy herself.   She also has recently developed a love for the train.  I’ve started a rule that only Elmo goes on the rides.    Anytime she wants to get out of the stroller, I also insist Ernie and the cup wait for her.

She has been getting out more and more, she will reach out and hand me Ernie and the cup, and I have to be quick so she doesn’t run off somewhere.   She is pretty good about looking for me, but it still makes me nervous.

The last time we went to the zoo she jumped out and ran for the train yelling train, train.     I think we’ll have to avoid walking by it if I don’t want to take her for a train ride.

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