Back to School

The last week of summer vacation felt particularly endless, but all in all I really can’t complain about the time off from school.   I’m glad she is back to school today, and I know she is likely even happier about it.  But I can’t help but feel a bit of anxiety thinking that this is her last year of preschool.  The first day of school puts me that much closer to confronting the subject of kindergarten.

This summer it felt like it was so much easier to enjoy time with R.  She actually seeks out my attention, and not just when she wants something.  If she is watching television upstairs and I go downstairs to deal with laundry, it used to be that I could fold the entire load and she would not really notice I was gone unless she wanted something.  Now after a couple of minutes she comes to look for me, and she will stay with me until I am finished.

It also seems like she is easier to entertain.  I don’t have to plan out what felt like elaborate song and dance routines like last year.   She has her own ideas about what we should do.  I think we played the good night and wake up game several thousand times.

She also seems to be completely offended by the sight of my bare arms.  I suspect it is because she rarely sees them, in San Francisco we don’t get warm weather in the summer.  If I pull up my sleeves to do something, she will pull them down.  Yesterday I actually put on a short sleeve shirt and she got a jacket from my closet and insisted I wear it.

Not only have we been regularly using a babysitter, but R. has been going to the playground with the sitter.  (One of our regular therapists).   One of my autism Mom friends has been offering to watch R. at her home.  So we took advantage of that – dropping R. off and going to Costco all by ourselves.  What a wonderful and strange feeling it was to drop my child off at a friend’s house.   (Thanks C, you are the best!)

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  1. So happy you could leave her, that is a major milestone!

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