Catching up

You’d think I’d be all caught up since R. went back to school on Monday, but it is not happening yet.   I’ve been on a mad reorganizing binge because R. has found her way into drawers and cabinets that she did not bother before.

I was quite surprised to find out we had a box of caps stowed away in a drawer.  I saw her with a box, and saw small bits of what looked like paper all over the floor.  As I walked over to investigate, I stepped on the paper and heard pop pop pop.  What a mess!

She also discovered the china my Grandmother gave me that belonged to my Great, Great Aunt.  In R.’s defense, she wanted to set the table with them.

She is finally sitting on the toilet with her pants and pull-up down.  That just started this week, and it is going a bit better than expected.  She only has to sit for four seconds at a time.  They want to phase out the counting, but give her a cue, so they say for a count of four, and then just say one and four.

We just got our new ipad today.  I haven’t had much time with it yet.  I know it will be yet another distraction…

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