Best haircut ever

Friday was yet another day off from school.  I don’t think they have had two full weeks in a row of school because of holidays and furlough days.   I scheduled a hair cut appointment, because it was well overdue.  I probably should not have scheduled it the day after her annual doctor’s appointment.  After that experience I was totally dreading it.

This is R.’s third professional hair cut.  The stylist’s name is Hanan, and if you are in the area email me and I will share her contact information.  She is really amazing.   The first time R. screamed and fought the entire time, but she managed to get it done.  Hanan sang and remained calm and unflustered.  The second time she screamed for about two-thirds of the time.

We arrived right on time, not at all early and Hanan was waiting, her chair empty with a booster seat ready.   R. whined a little bit when I put her in the chair.   We used a cape to wrap around her waist and tied it to the chair. (We do this every time).  Hanan had a portable DVD player set up and playing on her counter.   R. refused the cape over her clothes and we let her.  A little hair is no big deal.

Usually I hold her hands and E. holds her legs.   I held her hand and rubbed it, and she sat there and let Hanan cut her hair.  She did not cry or scream at all.  I was really just holding her hand, more than forcing her to sit, and her legs did not need holding.  She sat there calmly and got a hair cut.   By the end she was actually watching one of the other ladies get her hair done.

Of course I am thrilled, but I can’t help but wonder why the hair cut was so much easier than the doctor’s appointment.   I find getting a hair cut more pleasant than going to the doctor.  Maybe I should not compare the two experiences.

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  1. To others it may seem silly, but our life changed for the better when we found Carl the barber a few years ago. I’m so happy you found your “Carl”

  2. Haircuts are huge! I know a number of people who have to cut their own kids’ hair. Very happy for you both!

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