Fun and changes at preschool

R.’s teacher has been able to get some new items for the class using Donor’s Choose.  A light table is one new addition.  I’m surprised how much fun the kids have.  R. made the design on the table, whatever it is.

There is construction going on at R.’s school.  Her classroom is being renovated so on Monday the class will be in a different classroom for two to three months.  I was able to see the classroom while it was still inhabited by another teacher and class (who knows where they are going).  It is smaller and darker than R’s old classroom, and it has two doors.   The teacher assured me that she would have alarms on the doors, like she had with the one door they had before.   She is very good at getting what she needs, but I know the move is stressing her out.

The classrooms are old at the school.  I’m told it has been forty years since the last renovation.  I’m glad that they will eventually get brand new classrooms, but it bugs me that the teacher has to be bothered with a move twice in one school year, I know it must take her energy and attention away from teaching.

I went in and helped with packing up some of the classroom, and I’ve offered any other assistance she might need.   I’m sure it is going to be a tough time on Monday morning, getting all of the kids to go to a new classroom.  I can imagine R. pulling and yelling to go to the place she has gone every morning for almost a year.

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  1. I hope the move goes well 🙂 I love the design on the table, very bright and cheerful 🙂 Jen

    1. Thanks, so far so good. Not that she can tell me or anything, but I can usually tell when she’s had a bad day at school.

  2. That really is a weird time of year to move. Why not wait for spring break at this point? I hope it went well yesterday. That light table is so awesome!

    1. They were originally supposed to do the move over spring break, but the construction in other areas finished early. No point in prioritizing education or anything. 🙂

  3. Wishing all of you luck with the new move!

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