True confessions from an autism Mom

A friend mentioned to me that one of the advantages to having a child with autism who is limited in verbal skills is that we don’t have to listen to endless pleas for princess toys or whatever the fad of the moment is.   I have to agree with her.

Sometimes I do wish that R. would tell me a toy that she wants, but it is nice that I can wheel her through the toy department and let her play with a couple of things, and often she will become bored with every one except the cheapest plastic animal.   (I do avoid the Sesame Street toys, those she could not resist).

She is getting better about waiting, and rarely screams when we are in a checkout line.  It does help that I always bring snacks.  But sometimes something will set her off and she will start yelling. It is amazing how much faster that line moves when R. is screaming at the top of her lungs.   Every once in a while,  I wish I were mean enough to make her scream on purpose.   Like when we were in line three people behind the lady who insisted that the cashier un-bag and rescan all of her bags of groceries, I could have wrestled Elmo and Ernie from R.’s hands  just to make her yell.

I’ll also confess that I’m really starting to love it when I hear other kids scream in public.  Not little babies, that doesn’t do it for me.  It is the toddlers, preschoolers even elementary school age kids.  I swear lately, I have to really control myself not to grin like an idiot.

I’ve written about how R. needs to see something before she really understands that it is possible.  I will admit that I use this to my advantage.  I’ve never shown her videos or anything entertaining to her on my laptop, so she seems to think only E’s computer has access to fun.    She never has any interest in my purse because she doesn’t think there is anything in there that she wants.  I always carry a separate bag for her snacks.

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  1. I always feel comforted when I see toddlers having tantrums or screaming too, I empathise with the parent alright, but it is a bit of a relief for me too. I tend to keep snacks etc too in a seperate bag and never once has HRH gone near my handbag or my purse. My daughter (NT) is a little monkey for that though lol. Jen

    1. Nice to know I’m not alone. Maybe your daughter needs her own purse. 🙂

  2. My motto is, do whatever works that’s legal!

    1. So true

  3. I can totally relate. My personal favorite is when our 3-year-old (with ASD) sees a kid having a tantrum in the grocery store and yells “no screaming!” And I do the same thing with my laptop. 🙂

    1. I think it is funny your child yells no screaming.

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