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R. is big for her age, she’ll be four at the end of the month and I’m starting to buy size six clothes, especially tops.   It is kind of hard to find clothes in this size.   I don’t know if they get purchased quickly or the stores don’t stock as much in those sizes.  Some stores like JC Penney and Macy’s have a department that is 4-6X.   I would like to know what that 6X means.   Most stores like Target or the Children’s place start at size 4 or 5 and go up as high as size 14.

It seems to me like the clothes are more suited for an older girl.  Tops with sequins, buttons and ruffles are totally inappropriate.  All those ruffles will just get covered in paint at school anyway.   I’d rather not have buttons or sequins,  who knows if she will start chewing on them or pulling them.   I would also prefer not to have shirts that are low cut or sleeveless.  We never have an occasion to wear a sleeveless shirt in San Francisco.  I could do without skinny jeans or jeggings.  They do look very cute on, especially if you are a skinny almost four year old.  But they are a pain to get on and off, those tight ankles require too much effort.

What bothers me the most are the words and sayings on girls’ shirts.  I don’t want to buy a shirt that mentions anything about princesses, love, or being spoiled.   I will confess that E. bought her a shirt that says -sorry boys I only date rock stars.  He was so pleased with himself, I was horrified.  I’m so glad she has outgrown that shirt.   I saw a shirt that said talks too much.   Part of me wants to have one made that says doesn’t talk nearly enough.

I think I’m lucky that she is not very picky about her clothes.  Her clothes, even the few dressy items are all very comfortable.  I don’t make her wear lacy dresses and she has never even had a pair of tights.   She is however picky about shoes.  All the other kids in her class are wearing crocs and Stride Rites and cute shoes.  She will only wear these boring shoes from Payless. Thankfully they seem to make them in every size.  I think she will be wearing them in high school.   I’ll admit I’d love to get her to wear cute girly shoes, but I would settle for some kind of sandal or summer slip on.

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  1. I have boys, it’s so much easier!

    1. So true!

  2. I’m so with you on the girls clothes. I did a post on it last summer…cannot STAND the trampy stuff for little girls. My daughter just sized out of 6X and things get really awful when you get into the 7-14 department….ugh.

    1. I’m going to look for your post.

  3. Sandals and slip-on shoes are fantastic, especially for the beach or for active play.

    I think 6x means 6Xtra which is for size sixers of bigger figures. Or probably for girls who are tall.

    (What about bows and ribbons?)

    1. I wish she would wear sandals or slip-on shoes. She will not allow bows or ribbons.

  4. My daughter is the same way. She just turned 3 and she’s in 4T in bottoms and 4Girls in tops… I even have her in 4/5 in some of the summer tops and just a straight 5 in some tops for this summer. I find that Gymboree and Children’s place have pretty age appropriate stuff (Gymboree isn’t the most cost effective, but they ARE soft and they have nice sized head holes if pulling over the head is an issue – it is here). Also, when I’m out there visiting – Pumpkin Patch. And? Land’s End.

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