Gearing up for the annual IEP meeting

I confirmed the date for R’s annual IEP meeting.  We had an addendum IEP in October,  but this will be the first IEP with all of the current team present.  At next year’s  annual IEP meeting the decision will be made regarding kindergarten placement.  I feel kind of pressured to make sure that as many skills that she could possibly attain in regards to that transition are included now as opposed to then.

R.’s teacher and the general education preschool teacher have made changes to add mainstreaming and reverse mainstreaming opportunities during specific parts of the school day.  They are already integrated for all of their recess time.   Currently on her IEP, in the notes section, detailing the placement, it says there are opportunities for mainstreaming and reverse mainstreaming per teacher discretion.  I’m thinking of adding a specific goal related to mainstreaming, but I haven’t converted my thoughts into IEP-speak yet.

One of the things I’m learning from the classes I am taking is how to look at goals and see if they are attainable and measurable.  There’s a goal on R.’s IEP, under Developmental Skills R. will initiate with familiar adults or peers using appropriate eye gaze, body position, gestures or words as implemented by the Special education teacher, SPED staff, parents. It seems to me now, that initiating with adults and initiating with peers should be two separate goals.  The way the goal reads now, they may tell me that she has made 50% progress on this goal, meaning that 5 out of 10 times she initiated with an adult or a peer.  I know she initiates with adults at school and home, but with peers she rarely does so. If they are two separate goals the team will have to address and track her initiating with adults and peers separately.   She will have twice the programming and I’ll get twice the data.

Many of the goals in the Developmental Skills section are really pre-learning skills.  I’m sure she hasn’t mastered all of them, but I know from conversations with R.’s teacher that she is in agreement that we will be adding actual educational goals.   I would like to add a goal to this section about waiting.  I do realize that goals need to be individual, but I found this goal on the internet to at least get the idea started.   Will be able to follow an adult’s request to wait for her turn given materials to manipulate during the waiting period for two minutes. I’d also like to add a goal about playing with toys appropriately, and possibly a second one relating to playground equipment.

I’m searching for a book on this topic, suggestions are welcome.  But for now I found a simple article that outlines preschool IEP goals that is helpful.  I’m sure that I will be writing more about this.

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  1. Thank you SO much for that link, I have one coming up soon and have never done one before so was nervous. Best of luck with yours 🙂 Jen

    1. You are welcome, thanks for your comment. I wish you luck with your IEP, I hope you will write about it.

  2. That’s a good idea about diving up that one particular goal. I use my mom (former special ed admin) for IEP stuff, but emailed a friend who might have a good suggestion for a book. There are so many out there. You might just go to B and N and look at what they have, usually there’s a good selection. Maybe you could find one that’s the right format for you there. If I hear back from her, I’ll email you the title. You’re doing a good job educating yourself!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’ll have to go to the book store, but if you have any suggestions, they will be appreciated.

  3. Definitely split up adults vs. peers…that is how we’ve always done it on my daughter’s IEP. She can achieve things with adults a million times quicker than with peers…there’s no comparison. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for your advice. It is so helpful to hear about other children’s IEPs.

  4. Agreed – split the goal – adults are always easier. The goal probably needs to be more specific. We always think of “SMART” Goals to make sure we’re writing good goals.

    S – Specific
    M – Measurable
    A – Attainable
    R – Realistic
    T – Timely

    Good call getting as many as possible now instead of later.

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