Christmas vacation is over

The bus came five minutes early this morning.  That was right on time as far as I was concerned.  R. seemed just as happy to go as I was.   I think she had a good vacation.  We had some minor meltdowns, and she’s been a little stimmy, but generally in a good mood.

We had a chance to go to a tot gym that we used to go to regularly.   She remembered as soon as we got into the parking lot and held my hand and ran into the place.   I think we probably hovered a little too closely, she did not get into much trouble at all.  She used to just run around all excited and crash into kids.  She did not crash into one person, and I even saw her stop herself so she wouldn’t knock into another child.   She spent some time following these two little girls, I’m guessing were close to her age.  They were playing with those sticks with horse heads on them, I can’t think of what they are called.  She finally worked up the courage to grab one, and as I was about to intercept one of the girls handed her one.  They had an extra.  Of course she did not know what to do with it.  But that scene could have ended with a meltdown and two girls getting bopped on the head.

She also spent quite a while in the bouncy house.  A few small boys were in there.  One of them kept knocking all the other kids over, R. included.  She thought this was hilarious, and let him knock her over many times.  She also let a small boy, probably under two crawl all over her.   Part of me kind of hates those bouncy houses.  I never know what is going to happen, and it’s not easy to go in there after her.   She really likes them, and she’s starting to learn to get out of the way so it is easier.

I got my fill of bouncy houses, we also went to a party playhouse which is basically a giant bouncy house with several levels,  slides and ball pits.   She played for a while, but then wanted a drink and had a meltdown when she could not bring her cup into the play area.  She let me put her shoes on and was fine once we got to the car.  It was getting really crowded, so I’m sure she was overstimulated.

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  1. We have another week of school holidays left, not back here until the 10th. What can I say!! I look forward to feeling your relief 🙂 Jen

    1. That’s a long holiday vacation. I hope the week goes quickly for you.

  2. Oh how I used to hate those bouncy houses. Brings back memories.

    1. Your comment is comforting because it’s nice to not be alone, and also because you must mean that your kids have outgrown bouncy houses.

  3. I don’t want to even tell you how many times I’ve had to shimmy my fat butt through one of the hatches of those stupid bouncy houses to extricate my daughter. Ugh. And we are invited to a birthday party this very weekend at one of those party places. She’s better than she used to be, but still gets overwhelmed…and almost always comes down with a cold within 48 hours.

    1. Maybe we need to invent some kind of extraction device, like a big claw.

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