Conquering the library

About a year and a half ago we were at a playground with one of R.’s ABA therapists during EI.  There was a library having a story time in one of the rec rooms and R. was fascinated by the singing.  She went in and only wanted to run loops around the room.   The librarian told me that if she could not sit, we had to leave.  I attempted to hold her in my lap and of course she screamed.  The librarian told us to leave.

I’ve had this irrational fear of bringing R. to the library ever since.  When she started school last March I was able to start going to the library regularly by myself.   Over the summer I started by putting her in the stroller and just walking into the library to drop off books and then leaving.  I gradually increased the time, and now I can usually take her to the library for 10-20 minutes and actually spend a little time choosing books or DVDs and then check them out.

During Christmas vacation we have been able to actually use the library as an outing.  She is happy to be wheeled around the library and then will play with the toys.  I’ve had a little problem with her screaming about books, so I’ve been careful to only let her look at one at a time, and if she screams we leave instantly.

One day we showed up at the library and story time was already in progress.   She seemed interested and happy in the stroller so we stayed.  She sat through the remainder of story time- about half an hour.  She did have her fingers in her ears the entire time, but she did not complain at all.  The rest of the day she sang Old McDonald, one of the songs they sang.

The main city library was advertising a special Christmas train display in the children’s area.  They have a very nice and large children’s area, and we’ve been talking about taking R, so we went.    There were three trains on separate tracks, Thomas the Train, the Polar Express train and the Hogwarts train.  They were in an enclosed case and there were buttons on the front to control each train.   I have to admit I was bored in about two minutes, but E. and R. spent fifteen minutes watching and pushing the buttons.   We took her to the children’s area and she actually asked to get out of the stroller.   The play area was nearly empty and she played for quite a while.   We walked around another floor of the library and R. sang read read read over and over again.  That is from the Pirates who love to read song on the Elmo and the Bookaneers DVD.

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  1. Sounds like you have a strict library. That would make me phobic too. Half the time at my library, the typical kids are running around like maniacs so my daughter doesn’t stand out at all. Sounds like she has made great progress!

    1. I think you are right, I’m getting the idea that our libraries here are strict. I hear of kids running around in other locations.

  2. Oh no, I totally understand that you were afraid to bring her again, I think I probably would have cried on being asked to leave. Go you for keeping at it, the library is such a lovely place to go 🙂 Jen

    1. Thanks, I do love the library.

  3. Ok, trying to comment again because the first one disappeared 🙂 Jen

    1. It should be fine now! Thanks for commenting.

  4. Ah, libraries and my kids over the years have been, ummm, exciting adventures in mad dashes to get in, get what we want, and get out before meltdowns ensue!

  5. drat the link doesn’t work on my name in my first response. It does here. 🙂

    1. I don’t know why blogspot and word press won’t play nicely. I could not comment on your blog at all until recently.

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