Another Christmas gone by

We made it through Christmas 2010.    R. doesn’t really understand the concept of wrapped presents.   I ended up opening most of them, she kept going back to the toys she already opened.  But she definitely enjoyed getting a stash of new toys, she was giggling and saying yay a lot.   She also collected everything on the dining room table, like she needed to take inventory and guard it from being taken.

She really loves these Caring Corners furniture sets.   I see a doll house in our future.   I’m really impressed with these sets, one came with a doll (Mom I guess), a bed with an attached blanket, a nightstand with a working lamp (she loves this) a cat, a stool and a book.  The doll can hold the book if it is sitting, and once I did this, R must have asked me to do it 100 more times over the last day.  The other set has a doll (the daughter), present, pinata and a table with a birthday cake on one side and you can flip it over and there’s pizza on the other side.  Each side has two little triangular pieces of cake or pizza that can snap onto the plates on the table or into the pizza or cake itself.  R. was kind of frustrated at first that these pieces did not come off completely.  But now she is used to it and seems to like to fit the slices in like a puzzle.

Ernie tries the new cake table

She also likes the Fisher Price Flip Flop Egg Drop toy.  I have to thank Shannon De Rosa for the suggestion.    R. hasn’t figured it all out yet, but she is captivated.  It is a little tricky.  You have to line the egg up with the hole for each egg, and there are three levels one has a wheel, one a push and pull lever and one turns.  You can flip it over and do it again.   At the top there is a chicken (or a duck?) that comes out when you turn a wheel.  I think this will be around our house for years.  It is good for fine motor skills, problem solving and it is kind of stimmy watching and listening to those eggs.

This wasn’t exactly a Christmas present, but I bought a small plastic cabinet with three drawers.   R. has been really into opening drawers lately, and she has a growing assortment of play food and dishes.  So I filled the drawers with the food related items and she just loves it.

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  1. Not to ignore the beautiful first presents, but I am really impressed with the thought you put into the last one. Honestly, it is a brilliant present as she loves opening and closing so much, I might have to pinch that idea myself. It all comes down to knowing our children and what they like. We were successful with our choices this year too *phew* Jen

    1. I think I’m loving the drawers as much as she is because she’s not dumping them out like the boxes. She opens the drawer, finds what she wants and then closes it. I’m glad your choices were well received.

  2. My oldest didn’t “get” opening presents for the longest time either, but when he figured it out he eventually loved it. Hang in there…

  3. Ernie eats face first with no hands! Just like me!

    1. LOL. I guess I won’t ask you for advice about table manners.

  4. I’m glad she likes her new stash of toys! Mine didn’t get opening presents for a long time..they didn’t get the concept of christmas either. This year was the first time all four of them were full was wonderful. Although, I to spent the day making toys do certain things they couldn’t figure out yet..:)

  5. Your daughter is beautiful. She seems the same age as my daughter is on a developmental level, so I was intrigued about the toys she likes and such. My daughter has a Caring Corners doll house, but I have not managed to buy all the inside toys for it yet. But, that is my goal. I look forward to getting to know you better. I like the set-up of your blog. Since I am new to the blogging world, I have a lot to learn. Nice blog, though, and I am enjoying what I am reading so far.

    1. Thank you! Some of the furniture is on sale at Amazon, and I’ve seen some of it at Ross. The Fisher Price Loving Family furniture is the same size. I’m thinking about the Loving Family house. There’s something about the face on the Caring Corners dollhouse that creeps me out. Maybe it is just me.

  6. She is so CUTE :). My daughter went through a drawer opening phase too. I shoulda thought of a little toy like that. Instead,she’d pull open everyone’s dresser drawers in the house and empty out ALL the clothes. One time, the dresser FELL over on her (but luckily she wasnt hurt bc she was 14 when she did it). She’s now into obsessive door opening and slamming shut. That’s a blast 🙂 LOL! I wish she was into perseverative vacuuming or toilet bowl cleaning. Now THAT would be a help! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Oh the dresser falling sounds scary. I’m with you on the perseverative cleaning.

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