I’m Stylish?

Kathleen at Kicking Kittens gave me this award.  It’s hard to imagine being stylish, so I’ll have to assume it is referring to the font I chose.  Thank you Kathleen, this is my blog’s first award.

I’m supposed to list seven things about myself, so here goes.

I like to watch Science Fiction shows and movies.  I still like to read, but I don’t as much as I used to.  I miss Battlestar Galactica and Lost.   I’ll even watch those disaster movies on SyFy.  You know the ones where the main character is a scientist who discovers the impending disaster and then manages to lose his child on the other size of a giant chasm or lava flow.  I usually start talking to the main character about half way through and telling him he better not solve everything with a nuclear bomb.  Most of the time he does and I’m kind of annoyed about it.  I do wish they would make a movie of the story When Sys Admins Ruled the Earth.

Years ago, before getting married and having a child, I played bass in a metal band.  Back in the 80’s I had big hair and clothes that don’t need describing.  But most of my band years were in a thrash metal band.  I don’t miss dealing with band members or any of that, but lately I miss playing.

I’m really bothered by one line in If You are Happy if You Know It.  It is the one – If you are happy and you know it stomp your feet.  Who stomps their feet when they are happy?  It seemed like every therapist during EI sang this song.  Now maybe it is just me, but I spend a lot of time telling my daughter things like when you are angry you can…  And this song is just confusing the issue.   Where do I write to complain?

We have a cat who is 19 and senile.   As soon as R goes to school in the morning or to bed at night, the cat is right there looking for attention.  I’m not sure the cat really understands that R. is a person.   Although this week I caught the cat meowing at R. for the first time.  R. said Hi to her, which was more pleasing to me than the cat.

I really hate weeding.  Here the weeds grow all year long.  So over the last couple of years we’ve been changing all the plants to succulents and putting in rocks.   It is really helping with the weed situation, and we hardly have to water at all.  My favorite succulent is the Aeonium.  They are so pretty and interesting to watch grow.

I started volunteering at our local Support for SN families office.  I’m just answering the phones and doing whatever admin work they throw my way.  I’m also training to become one of their Parent Mentors.    The classes are really amazing – it is a combination of special ed law and all of the individual experiences of the parents involved.   I’ve learned so much already.

I think I’m the only person on the planet who doesn’t like wine.  It tastes like rotten juice to me, and I don’t like juice either.

I get to choose three blogs to pass this award on to.  It is hard to decide, kind of like picking three chocolates out of a box.

Anybody Want a Peanut

Professor Mother Blog

Wildeman’s Words

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  1. I don’t like wine, and I LOVE lima beans! It’s like we were separated at birth!!! LOL

    Great blog. Congrats on the award. You deserve it.

  2. You are, indeed, stylish! I don’t like wine, either. I’m working on it. After all, I didn’t like black coffee and it grew on me. 🙂

  3. Oh wow- I’m so honored! This is such a shock! To be among such distinguished fellow bloggers! I’d like to thank Mamafog who nominated me- and my children who made this all possible, and of course, my husband and parents, without whom I wouldn’t be whom I am today. (music quietly playing in background) I’ll hurry up here, I know, I know! I’d like to thank my editor who originally believed I had something to say and of course my professors and the other mommies of the blogosphere who make this a community worth knowing. And, well that mother who once said to me… (drowned out by orchestral music playing loudly and the lyrics “everybody’s smiling, everybody’s styling” by Brian Culbertson, while Mamafog looking fantastic in a gold dress gestures to the offstage.) 🙂

    I’ll have a hopefully as wonderfully interesting response tomorrow! Thanks for the mention! 🙂

    Professor Mother (and I hate wine, too- and juice!)

  4. Yaaay, I don’t like wine or juice either and the biggest insult to me is cider or apply juice, eeewwww! congrats on the award, I totally agree with Kathleen, you are a stylish blogger:) Happy Christmas to you and yours. Jen

  5. I hate wine too! perhaps we all ought to start a group? A Thrash band? How cool! Do you still play-just for you? I didn’t know two of those blogs..happy for the discovery!!

    1. Yes i think we should start a wine haters group. I haven’t played for a while, but I still have all my equipment.

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