Visiting the Wax Museum

We got free passes to the Wax Museum at the library this week, so we took R. today.  We have taken her to Fisherman’s Wharf before, and as long as she’s in the stroller she seems to like it.

We went early enough it was not crowded, we had the place to ourself for the most part.       I’ve been to the Wax Museum before, and if you are visiting San Francisco, I’d say it is not worth the admission price.   The statues are not very authentic looking.  We went to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in Las Vegas years ago before having a child and those statues were truly life like.

There wasn’t really anything that held R’s interest for long, but she seemed to like looking at the different displays.  It is mostly historical, religious and sports figures and entertainers.  The Wizard of Oz was the only thing that was child oriented, but she doesn’t know anything about Dorothy or and of that story.

She kept her fingers in her ears the whole time, it was a little loud in there.  But she did not cry or complain, and she was in a wonderful mood afterwards (usually a good indication of a successful outing).

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  1. Hey, we all have to take what we can get, right? Glad it went as well as it did, she is lovely!

    1. Thanks for stopping by.

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