Say what?

Sometimes I can’t believe what I’m hearing coming out of R.’s mouth. She will occasionally say I know, in an annoyed tone, usually when I am indeed telling her something she knows. Yesterday morning she said sweet several times on her way out to the bus.

She’s also saying things I don’t quite get. A common phrase sounds like she is saying suck a duck. Only the last word is not actually duck if you get my drift. E. swears that he never uttered THAT phrase to her, so I’m going on the assumption that I’m clearly misunderstanding her.

Another one I hear fairly often sounds like Chigada chigada megadeth megadeth. Now I do like Megadeth, the first few CD’s anyway. But I’m sure I haven’t discussed the band with her. Again, another mystery phrase.

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  1. We have had a few questionable phrases here too, although I know it is mispronounciations while learning how to speak. It does make for good fun at times though, doesn’t it? Hope you solve some of the myseteries:) Jen

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