Not for safety use

R. has been a little interested in playing dress-up with simple things like hats, scarves and the leis my Mother brought her.   She mostly likes for me or E. to wear them, but she is starting to put them on herself.  This is quite amazing to me, I imagine that it may mean that someday she will be able to dress herself.

I’ve been stocking up at the dollar store, since it is the season for costumes.  I found this knight’s helmet and it reminded me of Super Grover.

All she needs now is a cape

On the inside there is a warning

WARNING: This helmet is a toy and not be used as a safety protective device

I guess we won’t be sending her off to battle.

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  1. All the kids in my neighborhood are jousting nowadays and there has been an epidemic of dragons kidnapping damsels – so I could see the need for the warning.

  2. Maybe you should find a helmet like that in your size? For your next IEP meeting? Just in case 🙂

    1. LOL! They would probably tell me I needed to fill out a form first.

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