I’m back

I did not mean to let so much time go by without updating.  My parents visited from the East Coast and it has been a busy month.

R. is talking more, she is repeating, saying things spontaneously and it is much easier to prompt her to speak for things that she wants.  Here’s an example:

R. grabs my hand and pulls me to go where she wants.  I take a step or two towards her and lean down, look her in the eye and say  Come Mommy.  Come.

R. says Come.  She usually keeps hold of my hand, but she is starting to let go and trust that I am following.   When we have arrived at her chosen destination, if she wants something open or she wants me to sit down she will say open or sit most of the time without prompting.  I’m so excited every time that I still rush to comply with her request.     If she is asking for something else, I have to figure it out and prompt a word.  She’s been asking for the curtains to be open or closed, the lights on or off.

With this new ability to repeat words, she seems to also be developing echolalia.  If someone says, say bye, she will say say bye.  I don’t see this as a problem yet, she is echoing immediately, and it seems like this is necessary for her to understand and practice.  Sometimes when she repeats words she has this look on her face like she is trying it on for size.

She did really well with my parents’ visit.  They stayed with us and she kept them busy nearly every minute.  It was interesting to see how she was able to communicate with them and get them to do what she wanted.  They have not seen her in two years, so it was really like they were strangers.

We took them to R.’s school to see circle time.  It was strange, when I walked up to R. after class I reached my arms out to her and she gave me a funny look and ran off.  I had to approach her again and talk to her a bit. I don’t think she recognized me at first because she did not expect me to be there.

R. is back to jumping all the time.  She used to jump all the time when she was younger, but for over six months she has not been interested.  After my parents arrived she was a jumping machine, jumping on all the beds and her trampoline.  She is still at it, I’m not sure what has changed.

She’s also been sticking her fingers in her ears.  She has never done this before.  I wonder if she just figured out she could do it.  Sometimes it makes sense, like if she doesn’t like a song or something is loud.  She’ll be playing her keyboard and then she’ll stop, put her fingers in her ears and grimace,  she’ll repeat this a few times and then finally she will play with a smile.   She’s also been doing it on the bus and in the car.

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