Back to school

School started on Monday.  R. got into the habit of sleeping late over the summer.  I did get her up earlier for a few days prior to school starting, but I was still anticipating a struggle.  As soon as I told her she had to get up to go to school and the bus was coming she smiled broadly and got up.

I told her all morning that Elmo could not come to school, he had to stay home.  She would not give him up for anything.  But as soon as the bus came and we were at the front door, I told her again that Elmo could not go to school and she let me take him!   Three days now and she is leaving Elmo home without a complaint.

She has been coming home from school unbelievably happy.  She’s always a happy child, but the last few days she is just super happy.  She has her ABA session as soon as she gets home, usually she has about fifteen minutes to have a quick snack and get changed.  Today the bus was late.  It was only 20 minutes, but I was starting to imagine all sorts of horrible situations.  I called and  after putting me on hold, they told me the bus would arrive in two minutes.  It did, now that is impressive.  The driver said he was having trouble with one of the student’s seat belts.  I saw this child out of his seat yesterday when I got R. off the bus.  He unbuckled his seatbelt when the bus stopped at our house.  The driver said he was going to put him in a harness, and I’ll bet that was the trouble he was having.  By the time R. arrived home the ABA therapist had been here for ten minutes.  She was not happy to have to immediately start her session and she protested quite a bit.  Luckily it is her favorite therapist and he cheered her up after a while.

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