First week of summer vacation

Summer school ended last week and R. has five weeks off from school.  She will have ABA therapy for three weeks.  I kind of envy Moms who plan out elaborate themes and activities for each week.  While I do have some things planned, mostly we are winging it.

I feel like we are making a little progress with going to the playground and other outings.  I’ve just been bringing her in the stroller and she usually wants to get out within ten minutes or so.  She runs back to the stroller, but it seems like she is spending longer and longer outside of the stroller.  Today she spent an hour and half at the playground and I think she was in the stroller for about fifteen minutes and not in a row.

Yesterday we went to the zoo with some Moms and kids from our local Moms club.   I was quite shocked when R wanted to get out of the stroller and she ran to watch the bears with the other (typical) kids.   It seems like she is really noticing the animals now.  Which kind of gives me a clue about what is going on with her.  It seems like something has clicked in her mind and she is noticing and understanding more.  At home she is actually interested in what I’m doing – she wants to play in the sink when I’m doing dishes, join me in the bathroom.   Even when we are at the playground or when she’s at gymnastics she is actually turning to look for me.   Maybe this new awareness is giving her anxiety in some situations.

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  1. I love a Mind at a Time because he says Focus in a person’s Strength’s and Interets.
    To all Homeschool parents use that to do with your kids. Most of us Read what we like about.

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