Last day of school

Artwork from school

School ended on Friday. It seems like R. just started and was in a good groove with our schedule. There’s a week off and then she has four weeks of ESY. Her regular teacher is taking the summer off and so are most of the aids. I’m a bit worried about breaking in new staff, but at least the kids will be the same.

The teacher invited the parents to an end of the year circle time. I think our presence distracted the kids quite a bit. When we arrived R.’s back was to us, so she did not notice us for quite a while. It was so funny and sweet when she did notice us, she smiled broadly and had this look of wonder, like what are you doing here?

It was quite amazing to watch her sit still in her chair for the entire circle time. She jumped up a couple of times but was easily redirected to sit down again. Circle time usually lasts for twenty minutes, but things must have been slow because of the distraction of the visitors so it actually lasted for thirty minutes. Part of me feels like standing on the roof and yelling “My daughter sat independently for half an hour!” But I’ll settle for watching the video that my husband made.

She did participate a bit, filling in “go” for every ready, set. She sang along to one of her new favorite songs We all go traveling by. She also put the vehicle icon on the board as directed by the teacher. I learned the hand and feet motions that they do for the songs.

R. loves watching the video of circle time she sings along and is so focused. I think I’ll have to have “circle time” every day over vacation.

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