The evolution of fake snoring

Some relatives were visiting over Christmas last year and they have kids near R.’s age.  I can’t even remember the context, but the older boy pretended to sleep, complete with fake snoring a couple of times.   After they were gone R. started doing it!  She would lie down on the floor and snore and kind of grin.   She did it once in a while, but it wasn’t predictable and I couldn’t get her to do it by playing with her dolls or stuffed animals.

One day I told her I was very tired and faked a dramatic stretch and yawn, and abruptly “fell asleep”, snoring loudly with my head on her shoulder.  Of course she pushed me away and I sat up dramatically saying Ooooh you woke me up.  After just a couple of times she started pulling my head down to do it again.    This became a regular game to play.  Shortly after we started playing the game, we were shopping in Target.  R. is happily sitting in the cart and she starts making snoring sounds.  I’ll admit, I kind of ignored her, wanting to finish shopping.  She persisted in snoring and started pulling my head down.  So there I was taking a “nap” while walking through the store.

Lately I’ve been seeing her incorporating the snoring into different but similar games.  She acts out the game with her stuffed animals.  She puts her dolls to “sleep” on a blanket and invites me to come and sleep, really she wants me to snore.  But we can play the snoring game and then I can wake up each of the dolls and she’ll put them back to sleep.  She will snore when she lies down on the floor, and sometimes it means she is genuinely tired and other times she wants me to “wake her up” .

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